Edward S. Palanker


“Everybody should try to find a sound that really belongs to you.  In the end, I think everyone should be different.  Good teachers should help a student evolve in a natural way, not be a copy machine.”

Concert pianist Lang Lang while giving a master class in Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun, Faculty recital at Peabody - Bartok Contrasts, “Palanker certainly demonstrated a stylish flair for the material.” Beethoven Trio op. 11, “Palanker's seamless tone, effortless articulation and warm-hearted phrasing could be readily appreciated, especially in the slow movement; the finale found the clarinetist reveling in Beethoven's cheeky wit.” Suttermeister Capriccio, “the clarinetist's assured performance was attentive to every shift in dynamics,every good-humored turn of phrase.”