I offer clarinet and bass clarinet lessons, master classes, clinics, reed adjusting and chamber music performances.

I accept serious high school student and advanced students that are preparing for college auditions; symphonic or military band auditions and coaching. I do consider other serious minded students as well.  I am a Selmer bass clarinet-performing artist and a Rico Grand Concert Reed artist as well.  I play both Selmer and Buffet clarinets.

I try to follow the Russianoff tradition. Leon Russianoff was a renowned teacher who had studied with Daniel Bonade and Simeon Bellison. He developed a unique style of teaching where every student was treated as an individual. Everyone does not have to play the same way or on the same equipment to produce a beautiful sound and a strong sense of musicianship. I try to emulate his style. I'm not interested in creating clones. Every student has a style that they can excel in, I help to develop it.

                                                   My teaching years!

1963 - Kinhaven Music Festival in Weston Vermont, summer.

1964 - Camp Music Land in Sweden Maine, summer.

1965 - 1990 Eastern Music Festival in Greensboro NC. summers.

Taught many very talented young students that spent as little as one and as many as five summers. Many of those talented students are now, or have, performed professionally.

1967 - 2000 - Towson University in Towson (Baltimore County) MD.

I was an assistant professor and was in charge of the woodwind ensembles, director of the clarinet choir and program director of the Towson Chamber Players. Most of my student were music ed majors that have been teaching in the Maryland school system as well as several talented performance majors,  several of which have played or are playing professionally. I was awarded the honor of Professor Emeritus upon my retirement for my outstanding service to the music department and the  University.

1992 - 2010  - Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore MD

I taught clarinet, bass clarinet, orchestral excerpt class and coached chamber music.                                              

Although most of my students were performance majors I did have several Music Ed majors, recording arts majors double degree majors as well as a few DMA students . I began a program to make available bass clarinet lessons to those that wished them and many of my students became very proficient bass clarinet as well as clarinet players.  Despite the skimpy scholarships available I did have many extremely talented students, many which are performing as professional musicians or teaching professionally. Unfortunately I, as well as others, have lost many other talented students due to the lack of competitive scholarship money available.  Although I am now retired, I actually resigned from Peabody because of the new administrations lying to me and not honoring their promise of allowing me to teach the students that requested me as their 1st choice teacher.

I’ve had many very enjoyable years working with so many great talented students at all the institutions I had the privilege of teaching at.

I play on a Selmer Signature Bb clarinet as well as a Buffet Bb, A and Eb R13 clarinets with Backun bells and barrels.  I play a Morgan Clarinet mouthpiece, a Rovner ligature and Rico Grand Concert Thick Blank and Reserve reeds #4 as well as making my own.

On bass I play a Selmer bass clarinet, a Selmer C* mouthpiece modified by Dave McClune, A Rovner custom ligature, it’s white leather, and Rico Grand Concert and Reserve # 3 1/2 reeds.  I had the bell and neck gold plated several years ago.