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Greensboro News & Record - Carl Nielsen's Clarinet Concerto - Edward Palanker was the soloist in this splendid performance. Palanker's tone shows tremendous range and variety. He seems effortlessly to go from the dark and moody to a rich vibrancy, and then to a sound which is forward and sassy. And sometimes within a single musical context.

The Clarinet Journal - Recording of Music by Theldon Myers for Bb clarinet and Piano, Shall-U-Mo Publications - Mr. Palanker's dark tone quality is well-suited to the contemplative and melancholy moods inherent in this music. His performance is convincingly executed and appears to convey fully the composer's intentions. The rapport between clarinet and piano is excellent.

Greensboro Record - Copland Concerto - The soloist, Edward Palanker conveyed his feelings of the piece in the well-defined ways he developed the rise and fall of the melodic line. He presented the melody with a beautiful , relaxed feeling. ..This transition (cadenza) was strikingly executed by the soloist.

The Baltimore Sun - Clarinetist Edward Palanker explored the subtle, sensual soundscape of Debussy's Premiere Rapsodie in sweet-toned phrases. (Candle Light Series)

Greensboro Record - Palanker's playing of this charming concerto (Weber #2) was one of florid virtuosity, great beauty and eloquence; the second movement was especially impressive with its neatly turned phrases and beautiful sounds.

Greensboro Record - A sensitive reading of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto by Edward Palanker...It poses its greatest challenge to the player's musicianship... Clarinetist Palanker more than met the challenge with his smooth refined playing. From the flowing first movement through the songful Adagio to the graceful, lilting Rondo.

The Baltimore Sun, Faculty recital at Peabody - Bartok Contrasts, Palanker certainly demonstrated a stylish flair for the material. Beethoven Trio op. 11, Palanker's seamless tone, effortless articulation and warm-hearted phrasing could be readily appreciated, especially in the slow movement; the finale found the clarinetist reveling in Beethoven's cheeky wit. Suttermeister Capriccio, the clarinetist's assured performance was attentive to every shift in dynamics,every good-humored turn of phrase.

The Baltimore Sun, Music by Candlelight Series, Quartet for the End of Time. Technically, there was much to admire, especially in the "Dance of Fury". Palanker's solo in "Abyss of the Birds" masterfully caught the mesmerizing tautness, lyricism, expectancy and uncertainty.

Letter from Boris Brott, Guest Conductor, Eastern Philharmonic. Your playing was truly magnificent and particularly the incredible pianissimo and your gorgeous sound quality was captivating. (after performance of The Pines of Rome)